• Botanical Name: musa velutina
  • Common Name : hairy banana or pink banana
  • Family : Musaceae
  • Place : Lalbagh, Jayanagar
  • Date : 17.6.18

There are always flowers for those who want to see them – Henri Matisse

I have been watching this flower almost for a week now. The first shoot of the flower was in a beautiful pink, very small. Every day I walked by it waiting for it to open its first petal. Saturday and Sunday went by without my usual walk and I was really hoping the flower did not bloom too much. Monday and Tuesday it slipped my mind to check on its development. Today morning on a whim I took my camera and rushed to see the flower and I was stunned to see this beauty. The Banana Flower. Lalbagh botanical garden.

It’s called musa velutina, a native plant to Assam, northeast India. An ornamental banana with lush green foliage, featuring a striking burgundy midrib.

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