“Idiyappam” (Tamil) or “Nool Puttu”(Malayalam) also called as String Hoppers has been a part of Kerala, Tamilnadu and Srilankan Cuisines. There are versions of the same in Indonesian menu too called the “Putu Mayam”. It is best served with a masala curry with a coconut gravy or coconut milk. An egg curry makes a great pairing with a fresh pressed Idiyapam. It became a part of my weekly menu after I moved to Kerala.

The traditional white idiyapam is made with roasted rice flour. Other variants are made with wheat flour or ragi flour. The task of making it is not as daunting as it appears. We get very good roasted rice flours in the market, which is the main ingredient of this dish. So it is as simple as opening the packet, and adding the required quantity to the proportional hot water to make a smooth dough like we would for a chapathi or phulka. The roasted rice flour gets partly cooked while mixing with the hot water. The dough is pressed through a Idiyapam press into a thin layer of noodles and steamed for few minutes. A colourful and healthy twist of the idiyapam is my version of Beetroot Idiyapam. The recipe below has the regular Idiyapam recipe as well.

Do not start the prep work for the recipe without an Idiyapam Press or Sev press.

I use Nirapara or Double hourse brands of roasted rice flours. The water required may vary by a few spoons based on the brand of flour used. Keep aside a few spoons of the flour before mixing the water in full. Add it gradually based on the consistency. The dough should be similar to a soft chapathi dough. The harder the dough gets, the more brittle the Idiyapam becomes.

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