What is flattened rice ?

Flattened rice also called as Poha/ Avalakki/ Avil. It is just rice that has been flattened to make it easy to cook or not cook at all. Poha or flattened rice is pale in texture compared to the rice. It is tasteless on it own. But can absorb all flavours when it is hydrated with water. The best time to add any flavouring to the poha is to induce it into the water that is used for hydrating. Flattened rice is used to make many snacks and sweets. The flattened rice / poha/ avil is a common household item in India and Bangladesh.

What is flattened rice made from ?

Raw rice paddy that is grown is threshed and par boiled to make it soft. It is then roasted in sand and hulled ( a process where the husk is removed but the bran and the germ or kept) before it is flattened. This process makes the end result easy to cook and digest in its flattened rice form. The flattened rice is then dried before being packed and sold.

The flattened rice varies in thickness based on the amount of pressure that is used to flatten in. The thinner the flattened rice, the faster it cooks, and absorbs moisture very fast making it loose its structure if not taken care. On the contrary we have the thick poha which is soaked in water and all the spices it needs and set aside for a good 15 minutes to make it almost ready to cook.

The flattened rice varies in colour too, based on the rice that is used to make the flattened rice. The red flattened rice/poha/avil is more common in the southern Indian states.

Poha is let to dry after being flattened under pressure.

An interesting read on how paddy is cleaned, processed and hulled and polished to make the polished rice we all know about.



Other names of Flattened rice

Language Name
Tamil Avil
Telugu Atukulu
Kannada Avalakki
Tulu Bajil
Gujarathi Paunva
Rajasthani Poyd
Odia Chuda
Malayalam Aval
Hindi Poha

1.Puli Avil – Tamarind Avil/poha

2. Aval Vadam

2. Mulbagal Dosa 

4. Set dosa

2. Mulbagal Dosa 

5.Avil nanachadhu

6. Poha idli

7. Poha vada

8. Flattened rice granola bar

9. Flattened rice laddu

10. Avil nanachadhu – Sweet poha

11. Poha mixture /Chivda

12. Chura matar

13. kanda poha/ Kanda Batata poha

14. Poha cutlet

14. Indore Poha

15. Oats Poha Chivda

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