“The Gucci Mushrooms in the Himalayas”. Tarun Ahuja-Malik – here it is my kind of Gucci!!! So here we are on our way to Kalpa our destination for today. Was reading about the Gucci mushroom after Tarun Ahuja‘ mentioned it.

Was very curious to see the honey comb web shaped mushroom which was worth 20 k a kilo. The people who harvest it take great efforts to find them as it grows just when it snows. People dig in to snow and mud to find this delicacy. These are collected and dried whih itself is a special process. These mushrooms are supposed to have high medicinal properties, cannot be cultivated , very erratic growth in random places of the mountains and can never be found in the same place twice. These are served in rich weddings too.

So I go to this old store which our driver / guide takes us when I mentioned Guccci. A chatty old lady welcomes me to the small store with lot of hand woven shawls and strolls. She asked me if o really knew the price of what I was asking for. I nodded and asked her the price . 18 k per kg.

She pulls out this garland of mushrooms. I was over joyed to see them.

Can you guess how old she is ? She was 85. She used to be a police constable when she was young. She retired and her husband no more. She had kids and grand kids at home. She was selling it for Rs20,000 for a kg. Want to know how much I bought ? For 200 rupees. Do the math.

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