Its my birthday again. How old am I? I will just say that I am as old as my tongue, and a little older than my teeth!

“Hema I am making coffee. Don’t settle in the bathroom for too long”, calls Mahesh shaking me from my half dozed thoughts while in the bathroom. Now hold your thought, before you build your imagination of how great a life partner I am blessed with, who wakes me up with a hot cup of amazing coffee. Here are the facts. I have made him coffee all my life I have known him. Every single day. The “Espresso Coffee making for wife and thyself from fresh ground coffee beans using an AeroPress coffee maker, and a Java manual coffee grinder” started exactly a month ago when I bought him the set as a gift for his birthday. The coffee bean of his choice today was “Giri’s legacy single origin” from .This is a medium roast bean , 15 gms of which is hand ground fresh and is passed through Aeropress applying a pressure of about .7 bars releasing a aromatic fresh coffee of 100 ml. Smooth and strong, the coffee seeps into the system waking up all the senses.

Today after a quick shot of coffee, I was asked to sit on the bed, and was handed a blue Swarovski earring box. First thought: “Oh God! This one is expensive, hope he has not blown a lot of money on it.” But the box does not look brand new, looks more like my old box which went missing last week….”. I opened the box with thoughts most women go through when they open a jewel box “When is the next gals meet up where I can show off the bling bling”.

What’s inside the box ? Inside the box were two beautiful earrings which looked like a PCB with embedded LEDs. My eyes lit up with joy as I looked up to Mahesh amused at what I was seeing. He had spoken about wearable electronics before, and today it was in my hands. He tells me that it is a earring he designed and build from scratch from sketching it, designing the PCB in house with some help from one of his engineers, assembling it and programming the Lattice iCE40UP5k FPGA in Verilog. The earrings had an 8 x 8 grid of LEDs and is powered by a CR2032 coin cell. Yes, I spent a lot of time with these geeks, so I speak a bit of tech!

My eyes opened wide as he inserted the coin cell in to the earring and it glows, like small studs of emeralds. It switches between Conway’s Game of life, a banner of letters with my name, and a rain pattern.

More about Game of Life if you’re curious, like I was:

It was a idea which took him a month to make it from a idea to a digital wearable as I have it today. Thats a lot of effort. “The iCE Bling” as he calls it, were light on my ears, which is a big plus, a mere 7.5 grams each. The effort, execution of the idea left me speechless while the pride of being the first in the world to wear them was a emotion which was priceless.

Next, my kiddos were ready with their gifts. My elder artist kid drew a pixelated drawing of me using his Wacom tablet, while my little one collaborated with her bro to create a pencil drawing of me and her. My dad had also joined the celebration, and he funded my next trip to the clothes store. I was completely blown away by the love and hard work of my family. Very pleased with life I wore my blings for lunch with my family and friends.

Here is the links to his actual blog posts which was praised by his geek community on Twitter.

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