Idli rava is a staple of a south Indian pantry. It is made from parboiled rice or raw rice. Idli rava needed to make idli is made from the same parboiled we use for making dosa batter, afterall we are not altering the taste of the idly, just the texture of it. I make idli rava using 4 kilograms every three months. It is stored in the freezer in a ziplock to maintain its freshness. I use an approximate of 16 cups of parboiled rice. It is sufficeint for a family of four for 10 breakfasts.

What else can we make with this idli rava ?

This idli rava can be used for making “Kozakattai” . I would use it to coat any fritters or patty which needs a crispy outer layer, rava upma, rava kesari and rava pongal. More recipies using idli rava coming soon.

Keep two muslin cloth handy, to dry the soaked rice and to cover it from dust from the top. I use the Kerala Thorthu or mundu. My love for thorthu, its ease of use as a towel to a handy cheese cloth in the kitchen and its versetile uses in a detailed article here. You can order one from here with lot of other kerala centric products if you know what to buy.

How was it made traditionally ?

Idli rice is traditionally powdered using a grinding stone into a coarse consistency. How cool is that. The grains are put through the central cavity, which seeps in through the hole in between the two grinding stones. The handle on top churnes the top stone in circles, crushing the rice in between.

Here is the recipe to make Idly using home made idly rava.

Here is the recipe to make idli using the homemade rava.

Here is an image off the net as I dont have a grinding stone at home yet.

Idli rava from rice

A must have in the pantry for a soft delicious south Indian Idli
Prep Time 3 hrs 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian


  • Blender or stone grinder
  • Cheese cloth 2


  • 16 cup Parboiled idli rice
  • 5 lt water


  • Take a large vessel with a 8lt capacity. This allows for the rice to absorb enough water and raise when it is soaked.
  • Wash and drain rice till water is clear.
  • Soak the rice in it for 2- 3 hours. Drain off the water and spread on muslin cloth or cheesecloth. 
  • Cover with the second muslin cloth to avoid dust accumulating on it while drying.
  • Keep in a warm place with enough air to dry it off.
  • Once water content completely goes off and each grain is dry (takes around 6 hours), check if the rice has softened by pressing with your fingers. The rice would be soft to break with your finger. That confirms the rice is ready to be ground.
  • Take small portions in a blender and powder to a fine slightly coarse consistency. 
  • Store in an airtight container .
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