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Flowers are the easiest way to identity a tree I feel. So let’s start recognising trees which are in bloom now. Jacarandas flooding the roads of our lovely Bangalore. It is a joy to walk on the streets as the wind sways down these beautiful light flowers on our cars, our bags and on our shoulders. Words can’t describe the sense of calm it brings to any one seeing it. 

Did you know these are also called – “ Exam fever trees”. Blooms during our exam season:) . Did you also know that Pretoria which is one of the three capitals of South Africa is called “ Jacarandastad” as the city is filled with these trees.Facts aside this tree is a stunner when in bloom and otherwise too. The flowers fill the trees and the seeds add the contrast. The flower swirls it’s way down as we walk.


The soft tender purple jacaranda makes your feet purple as you walk along these trees litter. Have you guys tried it. Take your children for a walk near this trees. Let them play around it with your bare feet. I am sure that is a memory key  they will have from their childhood. The billet-shaped seed pods of the Jacaranda are very interesting too. They snap open in the summer, releasing dozens of winged seeds that float about the city like little ready to germinate in the monsoon.

I wait for spring every year to see these beauties bloom in profusion and give out their mild fragrance. I wish life would pause just a bit more as I admire them swirl down to me. The only way I do that is to click my shutter and save the moment till next spring.

My love for lalbagh and Jayanagar started when I was 15. I came to Bangalore when I was in class 10th to visit my relatives  living in Jayanagar 8th block. As I sat in the bus which was driving past Lalbagh through the Ashoka pillar Madhavan park road covered in the shade of trees, I never knew I was creating this memory which will remain with me all my life. A road covered with trees on both sides, and the sunlight cannot escape through the canopy of dense leaves to touch me. It appeared like a paradise to me as I was living in Andhra Pradesh at that point of my life;-). I live here and I breath the fresh air of the tress, walk through different coloured carpets of flowers in different seasons. I salute the soul who designed the area the way it is, I salute the soul who planted these exotic trees all over the place I live.


The foundation of Jayanagar was laid in 1948. It was one of the first planned neighbourhoods in Bangalore. How can the garden city be mentioned with out the mention of my favourite botanist Krumbiegal, from Gremany. He and his disciples Dr. H. Marigowda and Javaraya were the reason  flowering trees became an internal part of the city’s aesthetics. But sadly the city declined from 71% in 1973 to 12% in 2012 in vegetation, covering it with concrete. We the Bangaloreans paid a whopping Rs 11.35 crore as bribe on 4,339 occasions. The city topped in paying kickbacks that ranged across 28 departments to destroy the well planned city that bangalore was.

The final question that does bother me is are we going to be thanked by the next generation for not doing anything to save this richness of Bangalore, instead making it a concrete jungle by cutting the trees which made Bangalore what it is.

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