Jackfruit Appam – A traditional snack from the kerala and mangalore regions of south India, this was my first time with Jackfruit Appam. The recipe is handed down to me from my Mother-in-law who is an expert at appam. This is a twist on the Unni Appam which is made with just raw rice and jaggery. The mild sweetnes of the jackfruit adds a distinctive flavour to the regular appam. Do try it and post your comments.

Neyyappam thinnal rendundu karyam, Appavum thinnam, meniyum minukkam” . Transilation : A snack fried in ghee so delicious and tasty and dripping with ghee that, we eat the appam and our body gets the sheen from the ghee that drips from it.

In the recipe I have used a Tansong method while making the batter for the appam. Though the term might sound foreign to us, It is not new to our Indian culinary methods. The Tangzhong method is known to the world  as an Asian technique to make soft buns. In this method we take a small quantity of batter and thin it by adding water or milk to it based on the recipe. This thin batter is briefly cooked just for a few minutes till the batter becomes thick and slurry . This thickened batter at room temperature is added to the rest of the batter or dough. The reason to do this is to gelatinize the starches in the batter or dough. In this case the batter thickens a bit absorbing the water around it, and making the batter less sticky. The moisture retention being high in the batter will result in a softer long lasting appams.

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