Jackfruit payasam | Chakka payasam

Jackfruit payasam

I have here a very easy jackfruit payasam that can be done in less than 10 minutes if you have all the ingredients. Chakkavaratti or jackfruit jam is the base ingredient. You can either buy the chakkakaratti in shops or if you are hands-on in the kitchen like me make a huge bottle of it and stock up for a year. I have a detailed step by step video for that too. I have tasted and made many dishes using the chakkavaratti. Payasam, kumbuliappam, Ada pradhaman are a few of them.


The main ingredient for the jackfruit payasam or Chakka payasam is the Chakkavaratti also called the jackfruit jam.

Here is the detailed recipe to make the chakka varatti.

Coconut milk

Fresh coconut milk from the grated coconut is used to make the coconut milk extract. The creaminess of the coconut milk blends well with the jackfruit.


Any sweet will be elevated to the next level when we add cardamom to it. I always powder 20-30 pods of cardamom with a tbsp of Sugar to a fine powder and store in in an air tight box for a few months. It comes handy every time and gives a fine powder without any wastage.

Ghee or Flavourless Sunflower oil

This vegan payasam so far can be relished even when seasoned with thr odourless sunflower oil.

Variations to the Chakkavaratti payasam | Jackfruit payasam

A variation to the vegan coconut milk base jackfruit payasam is replacing coconut milk with regular milk. Not a big fan of it.

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Tips to make a perfect Chakkavaratti payasam | Jackfruit payasam

  1. The jaggery in Chakkavarati will be insufficient in the payasam as it is diluted further with coconut milk. So adding a extra portion of jaggery is essential.
  2. Use a dark brown jaggery to get the golden colour of the payasam, else the payasam will look muddy.

Step by step video


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