Friday night with the Mughals and Madhubala ?.

Mughal-E-Azam poster

Insaan kisee se duniyaan me Yek baar mohabbat karataa hai Is dard ko lekar jiitaa hai Is dard ko lekar marataa hai…… Those words …. they defined my life to come since I first heard them when I was just twelve. Ahem ! not trying to highlight my age here but my change in view point.

My love affair with Hindi old songs started since I was 12 when I heard the first Hindi songs on a drive from Kashmir to Jammu. I made the driver play the cassette over and over again till the 12 hr journey finally ended . Little did I know I was listening to one of the best of Hindi Cinema.

Mulgal -E- Azam’s “ Pyar kiya tho darna Kya” was one of them. No google to answer my questions then, not anyone in my family who appreciated Hindi music. My dad bought me a Lata Mangeshkar’s collection a few months later and my happiness knew no bounds.

I had memorised all the lyrics, name of the movie and everything the cassette cover could offer including the T series brand ?.

Now when I am watching the movie, which I did not appreciate when I was at school, so many amazing things stand out and tell me why this was a movie which defined Indian cinema on 1960. Other than the music which stands the rest of time, what caught my attention was the costumes. oh ! My god, no words to describe the intricate work on each and every ornament Madhubala wears. The setup of Pyar kya tho was as grand as our Sanjay Leela bansali movies now. The ornate setup of the movie stands out considering the time in which this movie was made.

Madhubala in Mughal-E-Azam

Did you know Ten lakhs was spent for the setup of just this song in 1960 which translates to 60 crores of today. That beautiful sheer dress that Anarkali wears in this song set a trend called the Anarkali dress which we all knew about. Not a big fan the over dramatised action and expressions in the movie but enjoyed the grandeur and the vision of Mr.Asif .K, the Bansali of our past.

Heard rumours of a remake of this, hope Katrina Kaif doesn’t do a booty dance to spoil this pleasant memory of mine ?

Pomegranate fruit and flower- Anarkali

Anarkali – “Pomegranate blossom” is a stage name of the dancer in this epic love story and interestingly a flower that is consumed as a delicacy in Lahore.

Wondering what Anarkali would be called if the drama was set in Tamilnadu ? – Amrutha valli probably.

No story of mine ends without the mention of a plant or a connection to food ?.

– There is no sincere love than the love of food .

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