Sundakka kozambu

Sundakka kozambu

Pacha Sundakka Kozambu is a seasonal recipe of Tamilnadu.Even though the plant is a perennial plant, the most commonly seen form of Sundakka is in its dried form. So having two healthy shrubs in your garden is a blessing. I get about 100 berries a month. 


Sundakkai (Turkey Berry) Thuvayal /Thugayal is an easy way to introduce the iron-rich antioxidants rich berry into our diet. The bitter berry is camouflaged with the sweetness of the small onions and the fresh coconut in it. Tastes best with dosa or rice.


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How to use Sundakkai (turkey berry) ? Raw or dried sundakka ?

Turkey berry | Sundakka is a perennial crop which means it lives more than a year. Being a hardy easy plant to grow, I got one in my garden too. I have got an abundant supply of these berries every week, which compels me to use it in my cooking in as many ways as possible. I have dried up a batch in the sun for the winter season. The dried berry is equally nutritious and can be substituted instead of the raw berries in many recipes, but do remember that they are strong flavour. So reducing the quantity of the berries used would make a good substitute in many recipes.

How to cook raw sundakka \Turkey berry ?

Raw berries have a thick skin, which has to be crushed to allow the inside to cook well, letting out the bitterness and the seeds. The dried berries are already crushed before drying, hence can be used directly.

Where can I buy Turkey berry | Sundakka ?

Dried turkey berry or sundakka is available in local markets in dry fruit shops or masala shops. it is also available here to buy online.

Another interesting shop I found for all the dried herbs and spices if you know what you are looking for is Natureloc.

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Tips to make a perfect Sundakka Kozambu

  1. Crush the turkey berry before cooking, so that it cooks well from the inside.
  2. If you are using the dried turkey berry reduce the quantity to half.
  3. Cook the raw sundakka well before grinding it to a thugayal

Step by step video


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