This is my spice rack with all the spices I need for almost everything I cook. This is my curated spice tray which I keep adjusting to make sure all I need fits into this shelf and no more. Adimadhuram for my herbal teas, dried rosemary from my garden, my moms special masala for all the dry curries and so on. I micromanage it. I make sure every masala I have made at home smells the best and is fresh. I wipe/wash the bottles every time the spice or masala gets over. I take pride in maintaining it. These are not new bottles. My oldest bottles are 15 years old( The one with the red lids ), the golden cap once are 8 years old and the black cap bottles are 7 years old. I am just sharing it as I find this to be a special part of my kitchen.Share me your spice rack pics and how you decide on what spices to keep. I Got All I Need.

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