Burger patty | Whole wheat oats  cutlet | Homemade burger patty

wheat patty burger

I lived on Subway sandwiches for 2 years for lunch during my masters in California. This subway on the campus was run by an Indian couple. So one day I could not resist my curiosity and asked her what the patty was made off. She said it is rice and vegetables. It was ‘Eureka’ moment for me from then. I have made and experimented with so many patties for my wraps /rolls /chapatis /burgers /sandwiches. I will post every patty I have made in my blog. I believe it to be a long-lasting digital copy of everything I want to teach my children when they are old enough and curious enough to learn all I wanted to say. So here is the healthy, crispy, and vegan by default best Burger patty | Whole wheat oats veg patty | Homemade burger patty .


This patty is made with broken wheat, which is the next best thing to cooking whole wheat. There are many variants of dhalia available in the market, which varies in the size of the grain. I buy the bigger grain as I find it to be chewy and of perfect size when cooked. I have used the rolled oats which cooks in a few minutes and helps to shape the patty well. So here is the best Burger patty | Wheat oats veg patty | Homemade burger patty

Burger patty | Whole wheat oats  cutlet | Homemade burger patty

  1. Adding oats helps to make the patty firm and shape it better. If you run out of oats, add 1/2 cup of bread crumbs to get the same effect.
  2. Try using broken jowar, rice and other grains to make different versions of the same patty.

The cast iron tawa I used for the recipe. 

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  1. This patty can be frozen in an airtight container for a week without loosing its taste or flavour. The patty has to be brought back to room temperature before grilling it on a pan.
  2. I have tried to replace the whole wheat with cooked old rice too, and  it tasted good,  

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