Hema Mahesh

About Me

Being a veg lover, tree hugger, and self-taught chef, I found my niche in discovering traditional foods, healing herbs, and people who passionately cook them and grow them.


My journey with food has been on for more than two decades now. It started with me discovering the world cuisine through my travels and trying my hands on many at home. The more I wandered, the closer I came to my home, my traditional foods, the reason for a dish and the thought that created it. My research on the processed food industry and the associated problems in consuming these foods led me to start my first company “Nature In A Bottle”. A company that made jams and sauces without any artificial preservatives, colours, or gelling agents. It was loaded with fruits, and sugar to preserve the fruit like how our moms have made it for us. Eight years of jamming and selling it all over India, I came to the end of the era in 2018 due to the sheer exhaustion of balancing my work life and my family life.


The idea to curate meals for my day-to-day meals at home while I stuck to more and more traditional foods from the world captured my attention. Healing herbs, naturopathy, and home-made remedies played a big role in my choice of foods too. The box of medicinal herbs became a part of my kitchen pantry. My daily menu these days is a mix of herbal teas, porridges, whole grain meals and plant based proteins to cover it all.


The three women in my life who I admired, and learnt cooking from, are my grandma, my mom, and my mother-in-law. I still learn something new from them every time I visit. This blog is a way to showcase my learnings to all and preserve them in the best way for my children and the next generation of cooks.


I am inspired to find, document and write about normal people who can share a heirloom recipe, or share their way of life which inspires us. Hope you enjoy reading about it, love cooking it and connect with your loved ones by sharing it.

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