Keeda Jadi

Cordyceps sinensisalso known as caterpillar fungus, or by its more prominent names yartsa gunbu or Keeda Jadi, is prominent in Garhwal and Uttarakand ... Read More

Oncoba Spinosa

Fried egg tree Now we know why they call it so. The flowers are about 3 inches wide and have a beautiful honey flavour keeping a whole lot of bees busy. The branches have these lens like things all over them called lenticels ( which I learnt later ) that helps ... ... Read More

Himalayan Strawberry

Botanical name: Fragaria nubicola Comman Name : Himalayan Strawberry Family : Rosaceae Location : Sikkim Date : 19.5.2017 Facts : ... Read More


Updated: 6 days ago Flowers are the easiest way to identity a tree I feel. So let’s start recognising trees which ... Read More

ICE Bling

Its my birthday again. How old am I? I will just say that I am as old as my tongue, ... Read More

Elephant Rope Tree.

Botanical Name: Sterculia villosa Common Name : Elephant Rope Tree Place : Naugriat, Meghalaya Date : 23.5.17Wiki says .. I ... Read More

Coelogyne Orchids

Botanical Name: Coelogyne Stricta Common Name : Coelogyne Orchids Place : Naugriat, Caves, Meghalaya Date : 23.5.17 Coelogyne is  from the family Orchidaceae, distributed ... Read More

Gucci Mushrooms

“The Gucci Mushrooms in the Himalayas”. Tarun Ahuja-Malik – here it is my kind of Gucci!!! So here we are ... Read More

Seabuckthorn berries

Seabuckthorn Berries. (locally known as ‘Drilbu‘ and ‘Chharma’ in Himachal). Our host Mr.Tandup at Pin Valley insisted on having this ... Read More

White Shaving Brush Tree

Botanical Name: PSEUDOBOMBAX ELLIPTICUM ‘ALBA Common Name : White Shaving Brush Tree Place : Lalbagh, Bengaluru Date : 21.6.17 PSEUDOBOMBAX ELLIPTICUM ‘ALBA’ ... Read More


Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare Common Name : Fennel Place : Home Garden, Jayanagar Date : 17.6.17 Home Garden, Jayanagar 1 st block ... Read More

Indian Mustard

These are the beauties which made us tolerate SRK and Kajol in DDLJ. The iconic fields of Punjab – "Mustard". ... Read More

Elephant Apple Flower

Dillenia indica, commonly known as is a species of Dillenia native to southeastern Asia, from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka ... Read More

Pride of Burma

Botanical Name : Amherstia nobilis Common Name : Pride of Burma Location : Nursery Siddahapura road Date : 21.3.19 Pride ... Read More

Banana flower

Botanical Name: musa velutina Common Name : hairy banana or pink banana Family : Musaceae Place : Lalbagh, Jayanagar Date : 17.6.18 There ... Read More

Burmese Pink Cassia

Botanical Name : Cassia renigera Common Name : Burmese Pink Cassia Location : Jayanagar 1 st block Date : 12.4.19 ... Read More

The Rain Tree

Botanical Name: Samanea saman Common Name : Rain Tree Place : Lalbagh, Bengaluru Date : 1.7.17 Samanea saman is a species of flowering tree ... Read More

Spanish needles

Botanical Name : Bidans Alba Common Nmae : Spanish Needle Location : Jayanaagar 1 st block Date : 9.9.17 ... Read More

Pitcher plant

Botanical Name : Nepenthes Common Name : Nepenthes Location : Date : Pitcher plants are several different carnivorous plants which ... Read More

Aleo Vera

Botanical Name : Aloe Barbadensis Common Name : Aloe Vera Locaition : lalbagh Date : 9.7.17 Aloe vera is a ... Read More

Cockspur Coral Tree

Botanical Name : Erythrina crista-galli Common Name : Cockspur Coral Tree Location : lalbagh Date : 12.4.2018 Tree height : ... Read More
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