Akki Roti

About Every place I have lived in or travelled to leaves behind a recipe with me to take back home. ... Read More


About : Made with the local homegrown vegetables like ash gourd, pumpkin, and cowpea floating in abundantly available coconut milk ... Read More


One who can sit Idly in front of Idli is a saint ;-). Need I say more about it than ... Read More

Jackfruit Appam

Jackfruit Appam – A traditional snack from the kerala and mangalore regions of south India, this was my first time ... Read More

Orange Lemon Cordials

Oranges – The Navel California variety are available in supermarkets and farmer’s markets all through the year, and all around ... Read More

Spice Rack OCD

This is my spice rack with all the spices I need for almost everything I cook. This is my curated ... Read More

Beetroot Idiyapam

Idiyappam (Tamil) also called String Hoppers or Nool Puttu(Malayalam) is a native of Kerala and Tamilnadu. It is best served with a masala curry with a coconut or coconut milk gravy. A simple day to day food of many south Indian households, it became a part of my weekly menu after I moved to Kerala. ... Read More

Beetroot Pachadi

My all time favourite multi purpose beetroot instant pachadi. It can be stored in the refrigirator for atleast a week. ... Read More
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